How to make Lemon Pickle at home | जम्बिरम अवलेह: | लिंबाचे लोणचे |

How to make Lemon Pickle at home | जम्बिरम अवलेह: | लिंबाचे लोणचे |

1) Lemon – 15
2) Jaggery – 2 bowl
3) Sugar – 1 bowl
4) Salt – 2 spoon
5) Black salt – 2 spoon
6) Cumin – 2 spoon
7)Red chilli powder-2spoon
Benefits of Lemon
The lemon is a round, vibrant fruit from the flowering plant family Rutaceae. Its scientific name is Citrus limon, and it’s native to North-Eastern India. This bright yellow citrus fruit possesses a distinctive sour taste due to its richness in citric acid. The lemon’s unique flavor makes it a popular ingredient in drinks, desserts, and meals. Almost all parts a lemon can be used in cooking and cleaning.
The vitamins, fiber, and plant compounds in lemons can provide essential health benefits. The pulp, rind, and juice are rich with vitamins that stimulate immunity and reduce the risk of disease. The soluble dietary fiber in lemon aids in healthy digestion.

Lemons can also provide other important health benefits like:

Heart Health

Lemons contain about 31 grams of Vitamin C, which is nearly double the amount of Vitamin C needed in your daily diet. Along with boosting immunity, this burst of Vitamin C can reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease with regular consumption.

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